Woman makes police report after she mistakenly PayNows $500 to man, he files a report back

Advancement in technology has made transferring money easier.

It has, unfortunately, also made transferring money to the wrong person just as effortless. 

Just ask Facebook user Geraldinep Phoa, who made the mistake of transferring $500 to an unintended party, with the incident descending into a case of "he said, she said", and reports being filed by both camps.

In a note and series of screengrabs posted on Saturday (Nov 23), the woman recounted how she had accidentally transferred $500 meant for a friend to a stranger by the name of Koh Yeow Nguang.

PHOTO: Facebook/Geraldinep Phoa

Although she tried to contact him in hopes that he would respond, Phoa alleged that Koh ignored multiple calls from both her and her husband and failed to reply to any of her messages.

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